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MapSource BlueChart serves up the best offshore cartography around and works in seamless integration with a wide range of Garmin products. See the product compatibility table (right) for a list of products that Garmin recommends with this software.

Available in 4 versions:

Atlantic Small

CDs vs. pre-programmed data cards:
These CDs provide the same detailed, object-oriented cartography as our pre-programmed BlueChart data cards, including specific region breakdowns. For further details, see our BlueChart pages.

Features include:

  • Updated map data for Americas, Atlantic, Atlantic Small and Pacific versions
  • Chart-specific information, including chart name and number, scale, revision date, latest Notice to Mariners date
  • Object-oriented cartography
  • Faithful representation of published official paper charts
  • Shaded depth contours
  • Intertidal zones
  • Spot soundings
  • Navaids with view range and coverage
  • Port plans
  • Tides, wrecks, restricted areas and anchorages
  • Trip and waypoint management functions**

**These functions of this product work with nearly all Garmin® GPS units, excluding the GPS 100 family and panel mount aviation units.


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