Inland Lakes Vision 

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What is Inland Lakes Vision?

Plug an optional Inland Lakes Vision SD card into your Garmin chartplotter and tremendously expand its full graphic capabilities with detailed map coverage of inland lakes and rivers for the continental U.S.

By adding an Inland Lakes Vision card to your compatible chartplotter, you'll see shoreline, depth contours, bottom conditions, boat ramps, mile markers and more. Inland Lakes Vision also provides above and below water 3-D perspective, auto guidance technology and satellite imagery for over 300 of the most popular lakes.

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Inland Lakes Vision Features:

Over 300 of the most popular lakes will also have:

  • High resolution satellite imagery for selected lakes, when overlaid on the chart, provides the mariner with unparalleled situational awareness. (A)
  • Mariner’s Eye View - Provides the mariner with a 3-D perspective of map information for a quick, reliable and easy position. (B)
  • Fish Eye View 3-D perspective below the water line for displaying bottom contours based on bathymetric mapping data. (C)
  • Auto Guidance technology searches map data to suggest the best passage to a destination. (D)

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