Anchorman 40 Package


The AnchorMAN is a new wireless intercom system that provides unprecedented ease of use and flexibility. Designed for portability, it requires no base station. However, the functionality of a base station is not abandoned. Each belt pack is capable of listening to 4 belt packs at one time. Compatible frequency groups are pre-selected to allow users to operate in up to four separate groups with no interference. Add the WingMAN transceiver to interface your wireless AnchorMAN belt packs with unbalanced wired intercom systems, such as PortaCom, Telex, and ClearCom wired systems. The WingMAN operates in a duplex format and allows users to easily switch communications between one of the four AnchorMAN groups and one of two party line groups. The simplicity of AnchorMAN makes it a truly unique product. The only setup that is required is installation of batteries. All other setup is performed in the Anchor factory, including frequency planning and selection. With a range up to 250 ft. in duplex mode, 2500 ft. in simplex mode and ergonomically designed belt packs that fit comfortably in your hand or on your belt, the AnchorMAN is designed to minimize cost without sacrificing function. AnchorMAN is the most cost-efficient intercom system in the market today!


Description: Four headsets, your choice of H-200 dual or H-200S single ear muff, four wireless belt packs BP-900 and one gang charger GC-900 in a sturdy cardboard carrying case.