MiniVox Lite Basic

MiniVox Lite

Anchor Audio's MiniVox Lite public address system is a lightweight, compact, conveniently battery operated unit widely praised by users across all industries. The package includes wireless microphone upgrade options and a shoulder strap for mobility. The MiniVox is great for fire fighters, law enforcement, search and rescue squads, tour guides or any person needing voice amplification.


Description: MiniVox Lite (PB-30) with soft case, wired mic and Battery Recharge Kit


MiniVox Lite Deluxe


Description: MiniVox Lite (PB-30U1) with soft case wired mic, Battery Recharge Kit and choice of transmitter: WH-6000 handheld or WB-6000 body pack and choice of wireless mic: LM-60 lapel, HBM-TA4F headband, CM-60 Collar, EM-60T UltraLite

Option #1 Option #2 Option #3 Option #4 Option #5
WH 6000 Handheld Microphone   WB 6000 w/ LM-60 Lapel Microphone WB6000 w/HBM-TA4F Headband Microphone  WB 6000 w/ EM-60T UltraLite Microphone WB6000 w/ CM-60 Collar Microphone
If you desire a combination not listed above, please place your order by telephone to 559-322-6138